Hosting for Magento: Top Trends, Themes & Templates [Magento Hosting]

One of the most popular Global Ecommerce hosting platforms, Magento applications are updated constantly. Hosting with Magento requires constant trends theme and template upgrades. Only when hosting with Magento experts and DIY store owners keep themselves abreast of new Magento developments are business owners able to optimize and create a revenue driven E-commerce portal. In this post we share with you top trends, themes and templates to guide you in optimizing Magento hosting.

Hosting for Magento: Top Trends

 While Magento aficionados get ready for Imagine 2019, the largest Magento conference worldwide to be held between May 13-15 at Wynn Las Vegas, Nevada we keep you posted on Magento's top trends.

Of course, Imagine 2019 is likely to announce newer developments. The sessions will include Magento architects and community engineers would discuss top Magento trends like Magento cloud development, Magento sales and ad channels, and Magento Commerce 2 migration strategy among other top trends.

Trend #1: Introduction of AI

As multiple forums' discussions indicate hosting with Magento, artificial intelligence algorithms will soon be introduced and will appear to shoppers as a Chabot. Added to this is the feature which will also include personalized shopper recommendations and customized offers based on consumer purchase history and shopping preferences.

Trend #2: Magento 2.3.1 Updates

Magento 2.3.1 added functionally features in March 2019 to help both developers and DIY store owners. Major updates included transforming Resolvers & the MFTF repository in addition to the module reference guide and a customizable option interface allowing varied data input.

Trend #3: Establishment of Magento Association

In response to the buzz generated in Magento forums and social media platforms, the establishment of an official Magento Association for educating, networking and advocating the Magento ecosystem comes as a huge shot in the arm for those who are part of it.

Trend #4: Social Media Extensions

Soon we would witness Ecommerce sites using social media not just to promote their websites and applications but also use Magento for real-time product updates on their social media handles in order to drive and increase business.

Magento Hosting: Top Themes & Templates

From the multitude of themes and templates that Magento hosting provides, in this blog post we are sharing some of the most relevant templates.


Completely optimized for search engines, highly responsive to both web and mobile browsers with an amazing UX, Loftstyle happens to be one of the most preferred Magento templates for Ecommerce websites.


Packed with features to set up your online store quickly and effectively, Porto comes with more than a dozen predesigned demos to sort your store.

Porto is highly responsive as well with the option to create multiple headers and sliders to give users a fabulous experience while shopping on the site.


Exclusively templatized for furniture products with amplified demos on the screen, the Outstock template is the preferred choice of themes for store owners dealing in furniture.


The Barbour theme from Magento's template collection is a premium option with flexible customizations for products ranging from clothing to accessories, footwear to sports equipment, jewelry to ethnic embellishments.


Magento's Ultimo is considered as a premium and advanced template due to its fluid form of a responsive theme. It is built for SEO and can be customized for almost all online stores.
Ultimo remains the top theme for online stores selling premium products from the hi-fashion industry.

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