Leading Aspects of Dedicated Magento Hosting [Magento Hosting Services]

Dedicated Magento hosting requires your web hosting provider to ensure a detailed list of deliverables to be realized in a timely, planned, and secure way to enable smooth operations of your online business.

From the broad range of Magento hosting services available in today's cloud hosting solutions, this post introduces readers to the leading aspects of the crucial deliverables to look for in a dedicated Magento hosting provider.

For regular updates on Magento one can also refer to its knowledge base for do it yourself options.



Dedicated Magento Hosting - Leading Aspects

Dedicated Servers

Well, this is the most crucial aspect when you're zeroing in on a hosting provider to manage your eCommerce platform. Dedicated servers offer value for money only when the volume of business is high. You need to look for:

1. Access to entire server in order to allocate resources on a need for basis

2. Cataloguing of all your websites within the account

3. Efficient server management


As with most online businesses, one of the primary concerns is security of your operations, institutional and customer data, while minimizing transactional impediments. For robust security of your eCommerce platform you need to look for:

1. Is your Magento hosting solution provider employing the right anti-virus software?

2. Is there DDoS protection in place?

3. Are the firewalls and security features at the hardware and software levels sufficient?

4. In addition, you also need to check the server security as well as website security as each one needs different encryption levels



Speed and Compatibility

From a website visitor point of view, nobody likes a slow loading site, or a site that is not optimized for mobile devices. Latest researches have indicated that responsive sites bring in higher revenues as they not just load faster, but are also customized for Smartphones.

Of course, familiarize yourself with your Magento hosting providers security compliance protocol so you may be assured of receiving the best hosting services available.

 For speed and compatibility, you should look for:

1. Server-side caching mechanism that your hosting provider might be using

2. If there is an over-crowding on the server side?

3. If your hosting service uses MySQL 5.6 or higher, Apache 2.x and PHP 7.0 or higher

4. Of course, PCI compliance is a must before you choose your hosting partner

Round-the-clock Support

Despite ensuring your Magento hosting partner has all the right markers before you get them on board, you need a strong SLA document. In this you should ensure:

1. The technical team is qualified to handle your account

2. Is available round the clock to keep your site up and running with minimal down time

3. Can address issues and resolve them based on the prescribed SLA


In essence before you take the plunge with a Magento hosting provider look for these key aspects in your hosting package.

ü   Dedicated servers for deftly managed Magento hosting

ü  Server security and web security for seamless transactions and minimum break-ins

ü  Speed, responsiveness and compatibility for high performance and scalability

Round-the-clock technical support for maximum uptime

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